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Everybody has a story. This is mine.


For my go-gettas
Now hold up-hold-up, now check me out
When I get thru ‘chea, you gon really know King’s flow
Then they will recognize
My testimony show these folks
Fa sho’ fa sho,
my real deameanor, ya’ll are mostly hoax
Bustin poison when I stroke these hoes

I’m ever blazing, so debonair when I make this
Manifest from my presence; forever shaking -
The veterans of the day; I’m just a flagrant –
Honduran agent, professing what my aim is
I’m from a family full of relatives emigrating
The elements of our culture of Caribbean natives
And Black ancestry, I feel we necessitating
A type of prominence; I get it, so yes, I’m chasing –
A dream to fulfill prophecies, droppin heat
And hell-raising, cuz shyt I witness enough
Of the miserable clutches;
My sisters is tough
Enduring the mental mayhem and miniature men
With malice in hearts and similar trends
I’d like to let them know my plans see us winning again
Believe, the shit from this pen will have these winnings descends
I makes it intimate like friends with benefits
For my go-gettas

Chorus: vocals by Josephine LaCole w/I.K.P ad-libs
I’m bringing my testimony (This is, This Is…)
I’m bringing my testimony, hey! (How I’m living)
I’m bring-ing my testimony (ahhh!)
I’m bringing my testimony, hey!
(oh yeah, cuz I’m at my best when I, testify)

My father’s militant strut runs in my veins
I had to follow suit to prevent becoming insane
I couldn’t stomach the shame of staying under the reign
Of mom’s rule; becoming cumbersome, discovered the game –
Plan, of going out on my own
My life; how it’s my on own
I was age eighteen taking control
Playin my role, five years in uniform
I’m steering thru the storm as I hear them bugle horns
Made it thru, staying true
Collected all benefits at my disposal, never wasting youth
Slacking ‘round cuz at the top of my priorities
Was education on how to cop all my royalties
All along as I’m trying to make it
I keep my rhymes adjacent, the canvas life created
I use as my muse for these enlightened pages
That describe my phases
Never disguising traces, ohh!

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Josephine Vocals with I.K.P. adlibs
(Now break it down)
I’m bring-ing my tes-ti-mony
I’m bringing you my testimony (give it to em, go on give it em)
I’m bring-ing my tes-ti-mony (Now bring em up, now bring em up!)

Everyday I shake death; to its face I make threats
To kill its lame bets; he skips to who he takes next
I hardly waste breaths; it’s the way that I take steps
That would place death in a place that weighs less
On my mind; I don’t hear him calling my name on the line
I’m living on the borderline of success and failure
Sorta warring all the time with uncertainty
More often I abhor the blind
Outlook of tomorrow morning
If I’m sure to find myself back home it may cause me to store the knives
Thru my aorta, suicide I don’t glorify
Get rich or die tryin, I must slaughter guys
To ensure I soar, even though the cost is high
Forced to strive, ever since the spoils caught my eye
The everlasting darkness outer space gets
Equates to the tunnel that I haven’t escaped yet
The dimmest glimmer stayed stretched at the apex
I feel is out of reach in the days met

Repeat Chorus

So Who am I?
The I. The K. The P – chillin!
What that mean?
The Infamous King of Positivity

The I. The K. The P – ch-chillin!
What that mean?
The Infamous King of Prosperity

The I. The K. The P – chillin!
What that mean?
The Infamous King of Positivity

The I. The K. The P – ch-chillin!
What that mean?
The Infamous King of Prosperity


from [IGNORING] the [KNOWN] [PROTOCOL], track released August 15, 2011
Written By: Kenny “I.K.P.” Alvarez
Produced By: The Mid-Nite Productions Squad
(Kenny “I.K.P.” Alvarez, Major “Master Majj” Hamilton, Miles “MDJ 009” Jenkins)
Additional Vocals By: Josephine “Joe Joe La’Cole” Williams
All Instruments By: The Mid-Nite Productions Squad
Arrangement: The Mid-Nite Productions Squad
Recorded At: The I.K.P. Suite (Winter Park, FL)
Recorded By: Miles “MDJ 009” Jenkins
Mixed At: Insane Sounds Studios (Lauderhill, FL)
Mixing By: Marc Karmatz
Mastered By: Robert Wawoe
Mastered At: Phat Planet Studios (Orlando, FL)
Publishing: I.K.P. Affiliates Music (BMI)


all rights reserved



I.K.P. New York, New York

Born in East New York, BK...raised in Norfolk, VA. Veteran of the U.S. Marines. College Graduate with a Bachelor's in Music Business from Full Sail University. Single from upcoming album Ignoring the Known Protocol features the OutMusic Award-Nominated single "Let It B. Known". ... more

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