The Poetry of Color

from by I.K.P.

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Imagine a world where racism has no context and color is the link to the person's soul. When you enter the Kit Kat Club in the Kingdom of Positivity, you will experience a world just like that.


(Sticky Sounz Intro)
Welcome, Welcome ladies and gentlemen!
Thanks for coming out to the Kit Kat Club
We got a special guest for you tonight
You won’t be disappointed
He’s a good friend of mine…..I.K.P.
He only has one request –
And that is to break out your luminaries
Which are your lighters, your cell phones, your flashlights;
Whatever gives off light, y’know?

Cuz he got a special piece for yall
And it’s called
“The Poetry of Color”

You telling them WHITE lies, borne from WHITE lines
Now your nose is WHITE-hot, throughout a WHITE night
Nuit-blanche; then you dabble in WHITE slavery
No WHITEcaps can wash your sins that you commit blatantly
From the WHITEstone Bridge you wave the WHITE flag for WHITE hope
To save you from the WHITE light of WHITE death; my bright prose –
From WHITE labels might sanctify those
Doomed from the WHITE light of wicked wickens who jeopardize souls
The king of WHITE magic as I WHITE-list
Fresh as WHITE waters of God, unmistakenly priceless
Donning WHITE gold, rolling on WHITEwalls
WHITE grapes and WHITE-ing providing nourishment
Cuz I’m hungrier than Great WHITE sharks flourishing
The weakness in my WHITE blood cells brings encouragement
Sometimes I wish to WHITEwash my mistakes during WHITE Christmases
As well as WHITE supremacy from its witnesses

the poetry of color….

Why is it when you see BLACK, you will think “nigger”?
Why negative connotations? Who are the destructive agents?
Where are the BLACK aristocrats BLACKlisted –
BLACKballed and BLACKmailed for trynna bring resistance?
Who is it that’s really behind the BLACK marketing?
I’ll bring them BLACK awareness through BLACK letters calling armistice
Too much BLACK pride, deep BLACK consciousness
More flavor than BLACK butter, I didn’t stutter
I’m conveying gems more valuable than BLACK gold
Unfazed, even when BLACK belts make you act bold
I gather BLACK warriors giving them weapons from a BLACKsmith
To bring you BLACK death for kicks at the pit –
Of despair, then appear at that BLACK tie affair
Jacking BLACKS at BLACKjack, sipping on BLACK tea
I’m loving it when BLACK harmony brings BLACKS peace
Let’s end the BLACK fever and all the past grief
Yeah, yeah

the poetry of color

The color of neutrality; grey, brown
The color, of life, earth tones abound
Visions; not restricted to the grayscale
Blind to the color’s mixture, you may fail
Flesh; behold the natural spectrum
All, races, obvious confession
Different perspectives, coalescing
Broader, horizons, ranges, dimensions
Gray, equals, simplicity
The bare minimum; no complexities
The power of the mind, far exceeding
So is black and white the only angle worth feeding?
Gray, brown; Both bring balance.
One vivid, the other no challenge
Hoping your world is not monochromatic
Sticking to the binary; break the habit!
Kill the static

the poetry of color….

Now if this feels good to you tonight
Just snap along, and listen up for a second
Escape from your minds
There’s so much discussion on
This and That
Better or worse
Gay or straight
Black or White
I just want people to take a second and realize
That a lot of the concepts that we talk about
They have range; they have spectrums
Your skin color’s a prime example of that
It’s not about black and white tho
So let’s off that
And see things for how they really are…ya dig?


from [IGNORING] the [KNOWN] [PROTOCOL], track released July 27, 2011
Written By: Kenny “I.K.P.” Alvarez
Produced By: Gavin “Sticky Sounz” Lotson
All Instruments By: Gavin “Sticky Sounz” Lotson
Arrangement By: Gavin “Sticky Sounz” Lotson
Recorded At: The I.K.P. Suite (Winter Park, FL)
Recorded By: Gavin Lotson
Mixed By: X:144
Mastered By: Robert Wawoe
Mastered At: Phat Planet Studios (Orlando, FL)
Publishing: Blasphunk Music (ASCAP)/I.K.P. Affiliates Music (BMI)


all rights reserved



I.K.P. New York, New York

Born in East New York, BK...raised in Norfolk, VA. Veteran of the U.S. Marines. College Graduate with a Bachelor's in Music Business from Full Sail University. Single from upcoming album Ignoring the Known Protocol features the OutMusic Award-Nominated single "Let It B. Known". ... more

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